Stephen Lagor, DPT.

Dr. Stephen Lagor, DPT, or as he prefers to communicate with his patients on a more intimate level, Steve, your personal Physical Therapist, attended the University of Florida for undergraduate studies in 2011. There he completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with Honors and enough course credits to teach both biology and chemistry at the high school level in 2015, followed by his professional school education, completing his clinical doctoral degree in physical therapy (DPT), at the same institution, a leading public institution in the U.S.

His alma mater is also a top 10 physical therapy program, known for its research output in neurorehabilitation and neuroplasticity, motor control and learning principles, the complexities of pain science, large scale low back pain disability research, and mission to train the next generation of evidence based physical therapists, also known as physiotherapists, professionals defined as the movement specialists in the healthcare system.

Throughout rotations, Steve gained exposure to acute care in level 1 trauma hospitals with orthopaedic elective procedures, outpatient neurorehab with spinal cord injury and neurodegenerative disorders, conservative and post-operative sports medicine, vestibular disorders and gait abnormalities, lymphedema and cancer management, and complex spinal disorders. His projects and inservice presentations to clinical superiors throughout school explored some of the newer avenues of the rehabilitation field and his graduate capstone project was a case study, utilizing psychological and motor learning principles for rehabilitation progression development.

Steve takes both a hands on and psychosocial approach to rehabilitation, for short-term and long-term goal setting. This helps progress patients to tasks, skills, and activities for independence, facilitating movement and proper kinematics.

He is excited to focus and begin his career treating spinal pathologies, and is humbled to be working in a team based company, offering comprehensive services, led by a top surgeon. Steve sees a great future of teamwork with rehab finding it’s niche as a standard of care in conservative, pre procedural, and post procedural services in the U.S healthcare system.

In his free time, Steve enjoys playing and listening to music spanning his high school days to 2018, spending time outdoors, reading neuroscience literature, aerobic conditioning, and circuit training. He is excited to be practicing in Florida, close to his family and relatives, where he was born and raised in Tampa.