Concierge Orthopaedic and Spine Care

Our premier Concierge Program is aimed at providing you with World-Class Exceptional Spine Care in a very convenient and efficient manner.

You will receive personalized care and treatment by one of the BEST Spine Surgeons in North America.

You will have all the time you need, for a one-on-one VIP evaluation and treatment with our world renown spine surgeon. You will have all the time you need to get any and all questions answered to your satisfaction.

You will receive a detailed evaluation by a highly regarded Spine Surgeon, then appropriate advanced imaging studies and special x-rays will be obtained. These imaging studies will be reviewed with you and discussed. The exact cause of your pain and symptoms will be identified. Then the most effective personalized treatment plan will be set up for you.

Most of our patients do not require surgery to get symptomatic resolution. However, rest assured that if surgery is needed, the least invasive maximally effective surgical option will be offered.

We are experts in ALL non-surgical and surgical spine care.  Seek the BEST!

Second best is not an option when it comes to your spine health.

With the Concierge Spine Program, you will have minimal wait times for appointments, and when you arrive for your treatments.

Call us for more details about our Concierge Spine Program.